Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Paul Little

I’ve been recruiting for the white collar sector of the construction industry for 14 years now after studying sports science at the university of Bedfordshire.

I made one move after the 1st 6 months, running away from a corporate blue chip monster of an agency (not for me) and then another 11 years later having built a very successful white collar division to join up with the TAY Recruitment team.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and the challenges of my day to day routine which is very much a reactive vocation and one that comes with great rewards when everything falls into place.

  • Stuck in a lift with: Eric Morecombe
  • Fav film: Bubble boy
  • Fav desert island luxury: Bucket & spade
  • Best tip for business: Honesty is the best policy

Ben Goatman

I have been working as a recruitment consultant in the construction industry for over 17 years. I spent around 12 years with my former company building a solid business in the construction trades & labour sector. I joined TAY in 2012 to work with like-minded people who have a no nonsense approach to our business. I believe in developing long term relationships with both clients and candidates based on trust and honesty.

  • Fav leisure activity: Golf and managing my son’s football team
  • Dream job: Managing Brighton & Hove Albion FC
  • Favourite Food: Curry
  • Have Dinner With: Don’t mind as long as curry is on the menu

Tony Young

TAY Recruitment was founded in 2007 by myself after previously working for a number of other large recruitment agencies, ranging from consultant roles to managerial roles. I have now been working in recruitment for 25 years (since 1997).

I am responsible for the day to day running of the company and to ensure we remain a compliant and profitable business.

My focus for TAY Recruitment is to deliver our basic key principles of an honest, reliable and friendly service, to both our clients and operatives and this is demonstrated by the team we have in place.

It has so far been a challenging and rewarding experience, from the early days of getting the company up and running, to developing the business and seeing our strength in a competitive market grow substantially.

I look forward to seeing what the future will bring.

  • Would like to have dinner with: Adam Richman (The Man Vs Food guy)
  • Most frequently asked question in my profession: Have you got my timesheet??
  • Dream Job: If I ever win the lottery, then a Green Keeper
  • Favourite Movie: Grumpy Old Men or The Beach

Nina Thorne

I have been working in Administration and Payroll roles for the last 12 years, a number of which within the Recruitment industry. My role at TAY is to keep the office in order and to operate and supervise the Administration and Payroll systems. Also to keep the consultants in line. I joined TAY in March 2015 to be part of a honest and stable company, which supplies me with the platform to further and progress myself with in a demanding but very rewarding industry.

  • Stuck in a lift with: Gerald Butler
  • Favourite movie: The Holiday
  • Favourite leisure activity: Camping with my family
  • Dream job: I adore my job, so mine!
  • Have Dinner With: Ray Winstone

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